Accessories, wood, and coal make fireplaces more efficient. There are tools that can provide an influx of oxygen that make fire grow faster. One example of these tools are pokers, these are made for the purpose of moving fuel and gives the fire a complete burn.  The most popular fireplace tool is known as the fire grate. Fire grates are made of cast iron or steel and this is where we place wood or coal to elevate our flame. In this article, we will be discussing the many benefits of having fire grates.

1.            There is a huge difference when we lift the fuel off the floor, this will give us a hotter fire. A lot of fires suffocate because they were started at the lowest part of the fuel. The lack of oxygen greatly affects it's intensity. This will not be a problem if you invest on a good fire grate.

2.            The same principle applies for a high quality burn. A quality burn is needed to produce good charcoals. This can only be achieved if the fuel is elevated from the floor. For as long as you have a fire grate, quality charcoal will just fall. Basically, a fire grate allows a complete burn.

3.            Another benefit of having fire grates from FireplaceGuide wrote an article is you can control smoke better. One problem of homeowners with their fire places is the soot, ash, and smoke it produces. With a fire grate, you can elevate the fire further so it will go straight to your chimney. You will have better smoke management and you will never again clean up ashes in your living room.

4.            Although it is true that our fireplace floor is made of concrete and is believed to be fire resistant, it is still vulnerable to fire damage. By creating fire directly on your fireplace floor, you are burning it every second. In the end, this could destroy it and you will spend a lot of money on repairs. With a fire grate, your fire will be elevated and this will be enough to protect your floor. Invest on a good fire grate because it can save you a lot of money.


Investing on a good fire grate from is a very wise decision. The benefits they give us outweigh their initial costs. We save money on repairs and at the same time we maximize the fuel to emit more heat. If you have a fire place in your home, this is an accessory you must have.